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There's no better deterrent to government waste and fraud than a well-informed electorate.  Remain vigilant by doing one of the following.  

First, you can join our Yahoo! Group information exchange (simply by entering your email address in the section below these paragraphs and then clicking on the adjacent purple box). Alternatively, you can click HERE to view most of the same messages without joining the group. 

If this doesn't suit your needs, add your opinion to the public record by posting using your Facebook profile (alternatively, you can post directly on our Facebook group page by clicking that link).  Anything you add here will remain on the blog unless it is deemed to be utterly offensive or spammy in the eyes of the webmaster.  

Finally, if you want to make a larger point (or would prefer not to use Facebook), please submit it via email and we will add the document to the catalog on this page.  Please be advised that certain posts might be permanently elevated to our "Issues" page if the party deems it worthy of party support... 

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