Monthly Meetings

The General Assembly of the DC Statehood Green Party meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm.  For the foreseeable future, each meeting will be held at the University of DC David A Clarke School of Law which is located at 4340 Connecticut Avenue, NW (roughly 2 blocks north of the Van Ness Metro station, just past Golds Gym).  The specific room location varies from month to month, but will be posted near the entrance.

New members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Get active with DC's second largest political party!

Again, for those interested in learning more about the Green Party of the United States, please click here.

 Contact DCSGP Steering Committee

We pride ourselves on providing a forum for underrepresented voices in and around the District.  If you would like to speak at one of our meetings or would like to ask for some assistance from the Party's active members, please reach out to one or more of our Steering Committee members, listed below:

  • David Schwartzman,
  • Langston Tingling-Clemmons,
  • Michele Tingling-Clemmons,
  • Rick
  • Jabari Zakiya,

  • Depending on the issue, we might refer you to one of the following individuals:  

    • Scott Mclarty (DCSGP spokesperson and media coordinator)  --
    • Marian Douglas-Ungaro (Delegate to national party)
    • Jenefer Ellingston  (Delegate to national party)
    • Toussaint Tingling-Clemmons  (Delegate to national party)
    • Darryl! Moch  (Delegate to national party)
    • Philip Barlow (DCSGP treasurer)
    • Erik Metzroth (Webmaster)
    • David Bosserman (DCSGP community liaison)

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